Personal Injury Recoveries


Brain injury to child. Largest playground negligence settlement/verdict in Florida.


Child abuse. Settlement before trial of cases involving non-sexual physical abuse to children.


Multiple wrist surgeries.


Low back surgery.


Fall from balcony. Settlement for case involving neck fractures resulting from fall from balcony with loose railing.

$ 750,000

Negligent discharge of firearm. Settlement for accidental discharge of gun where bullet perforated kidney.


Fall on wet floor. Low back and knee surgery.


Fall from defective ladder. Fractured leg and knee surgery.


Homeowners Policy. Severe burns resulting from negligence in applying lighter fluid to charcoal grill.


Construction accident. Tibial and ankle fractures.

$ 300,000

Homeowners Policy. Policy limits paid re: skull fracture resulting from children playing without supervision.

$ 285,000

Fall from collapsing ladder. Fractured leg and ankle.


Traffic intersection wrongful death suit.


Wrongful death accident with questionable liability.

Every client's case is different and the results of your case may be different than past cases of other clients. Every case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits, therefore results may not be the same. This list is not subject to review or approval by The Florida Bar.