Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents Plenty of Americans use their bikes to travel. Not only does it boost your health, but it helps reduce fuel costs and can even help the environment. And Florida has a very high rate of bicycle use, which means that plenty of tourists and residents are on the roads every day. However, that higher rate of bike usage also means that more people are involved in accidents on their bikes. Our legal team handles many bike related accident cases every year, and the number is increasing.

One of the biggest problems with bike accidents is the severity of the injuries. Since bicyclists have no real protection between them and the world around them, being struck by a vehicle can lead to very serious injuries that are harder to recover from. This makes physical recovery difficult, but also comes with much heavier financial burdens in many instances.

That severity of injuries also means that it can be more difficult to get the compensation for your injuries that you’re owed. Insurance companies will likely work hard to avoid paying out the full amount that you rightly deserve and will often instead try to offer you low settlement amounts or refuse payment altogether.

Our legal team is willing to go all the way to trial for you, and we have the resources needed to prove that you weren’t at fault and that you deserve compensation. Following a bike accident you’ll be struggling to recover financially while you heal. It can be tempting to take the first offer you’re given, but with severe injuries those first offers are often far too low and will still leave you in a financial bind.

Don’t just let the insurance companies do what they want. You deserve to be treated fairly, and that means making sure that you have the right legal team on your side. We’re here to help.

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